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RAGE Plugin Hook v2.82 (RDR2)

v2.82.1412.20802 for Red Dead Redemption 2
December 1, 2020 at 8:03:18 PM UTC


  • Added support for game patch v1355.
  • Removed support for game patch v1311.
Download (3.85 MB)   Update from v2.80 (RDR2) (1.95 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.80 (RDR2)

v2.80.1409.20781 for Red Dead Redemption 2
August 1, 2020 at 4:09:07 PM UTC


  • Added support for game patch v1311.
  • Removed support for game patch v1232.
  • Fixed the launcher not launching the Steam version correctly ('app configuration unavailable' error).
  • RAGE Plugin Hook now patches a bug in the game code that prevented reloading and proper movement when using non-player models for the player character.
  • Added about 400 new BlipStyles.
  • Added about 400 new BlipSprites.
  • Added constructor for Blip() taking just a BlipStyle.
  • Added constructor for Blip() for creating rectangular/elliptical areas.
  • Blip.Sprite no longer updates the Blip's name. Use new method below for this.
  • Added Blip.SetSpriteAndName().
  • Added Blip.ResetName().
  • Added getter for Blip.Name.
  • Added Blip.Styles collection which can be used to apply or remove styles to blips.
  • Added getter for Blip.Angle.
  • Added getter for Blip.Scale.
  • Fixed setter for Blip.Scale not working.
  • Added Blip.Color.
  • Added Blip.AreaColor.
  • Added Blip.ShowHeight.
  • Added getter for Blip.Sprite.
  • Implemented Blip.Entity.
  • Added World.GetAllBlips().
  • Added Game.DisplayNotification() taking an icon to show.
  • Game.DisplaySubtitle() no longer waits for previous subtitles to finish.
  • Added Game.RemoveMessage().
  • Added TextureDictionary.
  • Renamed GrappleType.Ground to GrappleType.Mounted.
  • Renamed GrappleType.FromFront to GrappleType.FaceToFace.
  • Renamed GrappleType.FromBack to GrappleType.FaceToBack.
  • Added GrappleType.FaceToFaceWall.
  • Added GrappleType.Dragging.
  • Added GrappleType.Trough.
  • Added a bunch of bones to PedBoneId enum.
  • Added Entity.HasBone().
  • Added Entity.GetBonePosition().
  • Added Entity.GetBoneOrientation().
  • Added Entity.GetBoneIndex().
  • Added Entity.GetBoneAxes().
  • Added Entity.Metadata.
  • Added Entity.IsBulletProof.
  • Added Entity.IsFireProof.
  • Added Entity.IsCollisionProof.
  • Added Entity.IsMeleeProof.
  • Added Entity.IsExplosionProof.
  • Added Entity.IsAttached.
  • Added Entity.IsAttachedTo().
  • Added Entity.AttachTo().
  • Added Entity.Detach().
  • Added Entity.HasBeenDamagedBy().
  • Added Entity.IsTouching().
  • Added Entity.ClearParticleEffects().
  • Added Entity.AttachNewBlip().
  • Added Entity.GetAttachedBlips().
  • Added Entity.GetAttachedBlip().
  • Added Ped.IsStandingOnAnyVehicle.
  • Added Ped.IsStandingOnVehicle().
  • Added Ped.IsInTaxi.
  • Added Ped.CombatTarget.
  • Added Ped.PathFindingSettings.
  • Peds spawned by plugins now neither grant nor remove honor when killed. Use new Ped.HonorOverride for this.
  • Added Ped.HonorOverride.
  • Removed model restriction checks on Prop constructors for now, as it was preventing certain objects from being spawned.
  • Fixed external console window showing when developer mode is not enabled.
  • When a fiber is blocking, a stack trace for the fiber causing the block is now logged.
  • Added new MinimumApiVersionAttribute class for developers to restrict their plugins to a certain version of RAGE Plugin Hook.
  • Fixed the launcher hanging for a long time on startup during update checks if the web server was down.
Download (3.93 MB)   Update from v2.79 (RDR2) (2.03 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.79 (RDR2)

v2.79.1397.20352 for Red Dead Redemption 2
June 26, 2020 at 10:27:27 PM UTC


  • Model.IsHorse now REALLY correctly returns whether a model is a horse.
Download (3.77 MB)   Update from v2.77 (RDR2) (1.87 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.77 (RDR2)

v2.77.1392.20317 for Red Dead Redemption 2
February 21, 2020 at 11:24:51 PM UTC


  • Fixed an issue preventing RPH from working properly with new game patch v1232.30.
  • When setting Ped.BlockPermanentEvents, input prompts are now still shown.
  • Added setter for WeatherController.PreviousType.
  • Added setter for WeatherController.NextType.
  • Added WeatherController.TransitionDuration.
  • Added WeatherController.TransitionElapsedTime.
  • Added setter for WeatherController.TransitionProgress.
  • Added WeatherController.TimeTillNextTransition.
  • Added WeatherController.ActualTimeTillNextTransition.
  • Added WeatherController.ForceLightningStrike().
  • Model.IsHorse now correctly returns whether a model is a horse.
Download (3.78 MB)   Update from v2.76 (RDR2) (1.88 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.76 (RDR2)

v2.76.1384.20233 for Red Dead Redemption 2
January 24, 2020 at 7:27:05 PM UTC


  • Fixed console commands not working at all in plugins.
  • Added overloads of certain methods and constructors in GameMessageBuilder.
  • TaskSequence.Execute() now returns an instance of new class SequencePedTask that can be used to check the status of the created sequence task.
  • Added TaskSequence.Execute() overload taking the index of the task in the sequence to start at.
  • Fixed natives added in game patch v1232 not being callable.
  • Fixed Game.FrameCount always returning 0.
  • Fixed NativeArgument(NativeString) constructor crashing when the argument was null.
  • Added CleanupManager.
  • Created new Input class for input related stuff and marked input related stuff in Game obsolete.
  • Added Input.IsUsingController.
  • Added Input.GetKeyDown().
  • Added Input.GetKeyJustPressed().
  • Added Input.GetControlActionNormal().
  • Fixed Model.IsHorse returning false for horse model with hash 0xc0a1ce3d.
  • Added new ITransport interface for the stuff shared by the Vehicle and Horse classes.
  • Added Horse.Capacity.
  • Added Horse.PassengerCapacity.
  • Added Horse.PassengerCount.
  • Added Horse.OccupantCount.
  • Added Horse.FreePassengerSeatsCount.
  • Added Horse.FreeSeatsCount.
  • Added Horse.Passengers.
  • Added Horse.Occupants.
  • Added Horse.Rider.
  • Added Horse.HasRider.
  • Added Horse.IsSeatFree().
  • Added Horse.HasSeat().
  • Added Horse.GetFreePassengerSeatIndex().
  • Added Horse.GetFreeSeatIndex().
  • Added Horse.GetPedOnSeat().
  • Added Horse.GetPreviousPedOnSeat().
  • Added Horse.HitchToVehicle().
  • Added Vehicle.Horses.
  • Added Vehicle.GetHorse().
  • Added Vehicle.CutHorseFree().
  • Added Vehicle.Explode().
  • Added Vehicle.IsPassengerInControl.
  • Added CommonSeatIndex.OperatorSeat and CommonSeatIndex.RiderSeat. These and CommonSeatIndex.DriverSeat are aliases of each other, but OperatorSeat should be favored to increase portability with GTA V.
  • Added Ped.IsGrappled.
  • Added Ped.IsGrappling.
  • Added Ped.GrappleTarget.
  • Added Ped.GrappleType.
  • Added Ped.LastHorse.
  • Added Ped.WarpIntoTransport().
  • Added Ped.CanBeInteractionLockedOnto.
  • Added Ped.CarcassQuality.
  • Added Ped.IsSliding.
  • Added Ped.DesiredMoveBlendRatio.
  • Fixed Ped.IsWalking not always returning the correct value due to a bug in the game.
  • Added Ped.RandomizeVariation().
  • Added Ped.LimitMoveBlendRatioThisFrame().
  • Added Ped.LimitMinimumMoveBlendRatioThisFrame().
  • Added Ped.LimitMaximumMoveBlendRatioThisFrame().
  • Fixed Prop constructors expecting vehicle models and thus always throwing an exception.
  • Marked Ped.WarpIntoVehicle() and Ped.WarpOntoHorse() as obsolete. Use Ped.WarpIntoTransport() instead.
  • Renamed all the speed parameters for locomotion tasks in TaskInvoker to moveBlendRatio.
  • Added TaskInvoker.CurrentTaskStatus.
  • Added TaskInvoker.Native() which can be used to invoke a task using any task native.
  • Added TaskInvoker.TakeCoverFrom().
  • Added TaskInvoker.TakeCoverAt().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Cower().
  • Added TaskInvoker.FollowToOffsetFromEntity().
  • Added TaskInvoker.GoStraightToPosition().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Face().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Wander().
  • Added TaskInvoker.ClimbLadder().
  • Added TaskInvoker.WalkAway().
  • Marked TaskInvoker.KnockOut() as obsolete. The name was confusing and makes it sound like it makes the Ped knock someone out, when in fact it knocks themselves out. Use BecomeKnockedOut(false) instead.
  • Marked TaskInvoker.KnockOutAndHogtie() as obsolete. The name was confusing for the same reason as above, and it does not work as advertised.
  • Marked TaskInvoker.RagdollForHogtie() as obsolete. Use BecomeHogtieable(false) instead.
  • Added overload to TaskInvoker.MountHorse() taking the seat index to enter.
  • Added overload to TaskInvoker.DismountHorse() taking a set of flags altering its behavior.
  • Added overload of TaskInvoker.GoToWhileAiming() to go to position while aiming at position.
  • Added overload of TaskInvoker.GoToWhileAiming() to go to position while aiming at entity.
  • Added overload of TaskInvoker.GoToWhileAiming() to go to entity while aiming at position.
  • Added TaskInvoker.HitchHorse().
  • Added TaskInvoker.FollowPointRoute().
  • Added several new Blip constructors.
  • Added BlipStyle enum.
  • Added BlipSprite enum.
  • Added Blip.Name.
  • Added Blip.Sprite.
  • Added Blip.Scale.
  • Added Blip.IsOnMinimap.
  • Added Blip.Angle.
  • Added Blip.Scale.
  • Added Game.GetLocalizedString() overload taking a hash.
  • Added Entity.LocalDebugName.
  • Added PedGroup.Members.
  • Added PedGroup.Leader.
  • Added PedGroup.AddMember().
  • Added PedGroup.RemoveMember().
  • Added PedGroup.Delete().
  • Added PedGroup.IsMember().
  • Added PedGroup.Count.
  • Added Player.Money.
  • Added Player.SetCharacter(). Note, game script "medium_update" must be terminated to switch player models.
  • Fixed Game.TerminateAllScriptsWithName() not working.
  • Added World.GetBlipByHandle().
  • Added World.GetGroupByHandle().
  • Added Vector3.Angle(), a helper method returning the angle between two vectors in degrees.
  • Added class AssetScope which can be used to automatically load and dismiss assets (models, weapons, etc.).
  • Added WeaponHash.Alligator.
  • Added WeaponHash.Animal.
  • Added WeaponHash.Badger.
  • Added WeaponHash.Bear.
  • Added WeaponHash.Beaver.
  • Added WeaponHash.Bleeding.
  • Added WeaponHash.BowCharles.
  • Added WeaponHash.Cactus.
  • Added WeaponHash.CarryingLarge.
  • Added WeaponHash.CarryingMedium.
  • Added WeaponHash.Cougar.
  • Added WeaponHash.Coyote.
  • Added WeaponHash.Deer.
  • Added WeaponHash.Drowning.
  • Added WeaponHash.DrowningInVehicle.
  • Added WeaponHash.Explosion.
  • Added WeaponHash.Fall.
  • Added WeaponHash.Fire.
  • Added WeaponHash.Fox.
  • Added WeaponHash.Horse.
  • Added WeaponHash.KitBinoculars.
  • Added WeaponHash.KitCamera.
  • Added WeaponHash.KitDetector.
  • Added WeaponHash.Machinery.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeHatchetMeleeonly.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeBill.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeCharles.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeDutch.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeHosea.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeJavier.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeKieran.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeLenny.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeMicah.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeSadie.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeSean.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeKnifeUncle.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeLantern.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeLanternDavy.
  • Added WeaponHash.MeleeTorchCrowd.
  • Added WeaponHash.Muskrat.
  • Added WeaponHash.Poison.
  • Added WeaponHash.PoisonTrackingarrow.
  • Added WeaponHash.Raccoon.
  • Added WeaponHash.RammedByCar.
  • Added WeaponHash.RepeaterCarbineSadie.
  • Added WeaponHash.RepeaterWinchesterJohn.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanHosea.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanHoseaDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanKieran.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanLenny.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanSadie.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanSadieDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverCattlemanSean.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverDoubleActionDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverDoubleActionJavier.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverDoubleActionMicahDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverSchofieldBill.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverSchofieldDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverSchofieldDutch.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverSchofieldDutchDualwield.
  • Added WeaponHash.RevolverSchofieldUncle.
  • Added WeaponHash.RifleBoltActionBill.
  • Added WeaponHash.RunOverByCar.
  • Added WeaponHash.ShotgunDoubleBarrelUncle.
  • Added WeaponHash.ShotgunSawedOffCharles.
  • Added WeaponHash.ShotgunSemiAutoHosea.
  • Added WeaponHash.Snake.
  • Added WeaponHash.SniperRifleRollingBlockLenny.
  • Added WeaponHash.ThrownItem.
  • Added WeaponHash.ThrownThrowingKnivesJavier.
  • Added WeaponHash.ThrownTomahawkMeleeonly.
  • Added WeaponHash.TurretCannon.
  • Added WeaponHash.TurretGatling.
  • Added WeaponHash.TurretMaxim.
  • Added WeaponHash.TurretRevolvingCannon.
  • Added WeaponHash.Wolf.
  • Added WeaponHash.WolfMedium.
  • Added WeaponHash.WolfSmall.
  • Console command 'ClearTasks' now clears the tasks immediately.
  • Added console command 'IdentifyEntities' which can be used to easily identify all the entities in the game world.
  • Added console command 'WarpOntoLastHorse'.
  • Added console command 'WarpOntoBondedHorse'.
  • Added console command 'BringBondedHorses'.
  • Added console command 'PlayAmbientSpeech'.
  • Added console command 'TeleportToClick'.
  • Added console command 'KillAllNativeScripts'.
  • Commands like 'Push' and 'Nudge' now pushes the Horse instead, if the player is on one.
  • Added new console command code macros PED, HORSE, VEHICLE, VEH and PROP to access an entity by handle.
  • Fixed console commands not accepting hexadecimal values for integral parameters.
Download (3.77 MB)   Update from v2.75 (RDR2) (1.87 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.75 (RDR2)

v2.75.1368.19386 for Red Dead Redemption 2
December 16, 2019 at 3:35:31 AM UTC


  • Added support for game version v1232.
  • Removed support for game version v1207.
  • Fixed the game crashing when reloading saved games.
  • Fixed input falling through to plugins while the console was open.
  • Peds spawned by plugins by default now give slight honor when killed instead of removing honor.
  • Added class WeatherController and property World.Weather to access it.
  • Marked World.GetTemperature() as obsolete. Use World.Weather.GetTemperature() instead.
  • Added Entity.ApplyForce().
  • Added TaskInvoker.MountHorse().
  • Added TaskInvoker.DismountHorse().
  • Added TaskInvoker.PickUpEntity().
  • Added TaskInvoker.PlaceCarriedEntity().
  • Added TaskInvoker.DropCarriedEntity().
  • Added TaskInvoker.ThrowCarriedEntity().
  • Added TaskInvoker.BecomeKnockedOut().
  • Added TaskInvoker.BecomeHugtieable().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Hogtie().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Lasso().
  • Added TaskInvoker.Loot().
  • Added TaskInvoker.KnockOut().
  • Added TaskInvoker.KnockOutAndHogtie().
  • Added TaskInvoker.BecomeKnockedOutAndHogtied().
  • Added TaskInvoker.RagdollForHogtie().
  • Added TaskInvoker.BecomeHogtied().
  • Added TaskInvoker.CutFreeHogtied().
  • Added Ped.IsCarryingAnEntity.
  • Added Ped.CarriedEntity.
  • Added TaskInvoker.FollowNavigationMeshToPosition().
  • Added SpatialExtensions (SetPositionX, SetPositionY, SetPositionZ) and RotatableExtensions (SetRotationX, SetRotationY, SetRotationZ).
  • Added console command 'EnterClosestVehicle'.
  • Added console command 'WarpIntoClosestVehicle'.
  • Added console command 'WarpIntoLastVehicle'.
  • Added console command 'Spawn'.
  • Added console command 'SpawnAndWarp'.
  • Added Player.SetHonorToMinimum().
  • Added Player.SetHonorToMaximum().
  • Added Horse.ChangeGender() to change the gender of an already spawned horse.
  • Fixed Horse.SetPresetSaddle() not working.
  • Fixed Model.IsHorse returning false for horse model with hash 0xa5a0532e.
  • Fixed Ped.WarpOntoHorse() warping the Ped onto the wrong seat.
  • Added World.GetGroundZ().
  • Added World.TraceLine().
  • Added World.TraceCapsule().
  • Added World.TraceBox().
  • Added options for which plugins to load, to the launcher.
Download (3.70 MB)   Update from v2.71 (RDR2) (1.80 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.71 (RDR2)

v2.71.1357.19089 for Red Dead Redemption 2
December 9, 2019 at 9:22:08 PM UTC


  • Fixed the 'Automatic' 'ConsoleRenderingMethod' not working correctly.
  • Fixed console variable 'ConsoleRenderingMethod' defaulting to a bogus setting if a value wasn't present in the .ini at all.
  • Added UI for console variable 'ConsoleRenderingMethod' to the launcher.
Download (3.68 MB)   Update from v2.70 (RDR2) (1.78 MB)

RAGE Plugin Hook v2.70 (RDR2)

v2.70.1356.19063 for Red Dead Redemption 2
December 6, 2019 at 5:26:28 PM UTC


  • Initial release of RAGE Plugin Hook 2 for Red Dead Redemption 2.
Download (3.68 MB)