RAGE Plugin Hook hooks into, and acts as an interface between custom code
and RAGE engine based games like Red Dead Redemption 2, providing an unofficial API for the games.

Who's developing RAGE Plugin Hook

MulleDK19 and LMS.

What is RAGE Plugin Hook?

RAGE Plugin Hook hooks into RAGE engine based games and acts as an interface between the game and custom code known as plugins.
Plugin developers can then perform actions like spawning characters, making characters fight each other, blow stuff up, etc.

Which platforms are supported?

All PC platforms, eg. Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher.

Which games are supported?

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V.

I'm not a developer, is this of any use to me?

Yes. As RAGE Plugin Hook is the interface between plugins and the game, RAGE Plugin Hook is required to execute the plugins.

Which languages can I write plugins in?

RAGE Plugin Hook is a CLI library, so any CLI compliant language can be used to write plugins, including (but not limited to) the following:

What about C++?

C++ is not a CLI compliant language, so no.
However, if you insist on using C++, you can use C++/CLI.
But do yourself a favor and learn C# instead.

I have never coded before; which language should I learn?

We strongly recommend you learn C#.

What kinds of plugins can you write?

Whatever you set your mind to, basically. RAGE Plugin Hook allows you to execute functions in the game, like spawning cars, characters, horses, etc. make them move around, attack people, play voice lines, etc.

Can I use this in online modes?

No. In an effort to protect the integrity of online mode, online mode will be blocked while RAGE Plugin Hook is active. If you wish to play online mode, run the game without RAGE Plugin Hook.